This page opens the door to the wonderful world of Rupert Chill’s Music. Enjoy.

Peter Darker is a 2 minute piece of music intended as music for a hollywood blockbuster film trailer. I used an existing trailer as a template. The music is dark, with heartbeat drums, and electronica sound design.

Beauty is by Rupert Chill and Anne Garner, featuring Anne’s flute playing. Wide open sonic spaces, the sound of the wind, and a gentle spirit. This track was released by Valalume Records in Brazil, and Ultimae Records in Europe, on the Ambient Planet Volume 1 compilation.

Minimalist chilled piano, guitar and voice

Bleep ambient techno in the Sheffield tradition

Experimental sounds. Sound sources come from recordings of an orchestra of 150 improvising musicians improvising to films en masse. These sounds were heavily processed electronically.

Yellow is song by Chillage People. It features Emily Maguire on vocals, who wrote the lyrics and melody. Chillage People wrote the music and produced the track. It was mastered by Robert Gordon.

This is song composed by Rupert Chill, produced by Chillage People and sung by Tegwen Roberts.

Burn is a song written by Rupert Chill and Michael Eden. Rupert had written a track, and wanted Michael to write lyrics and melody to go with it. He had the title, ‘Burn’, and knew he wanted it to be a reply to Joni Mitchell’s song Woodstock, for a clubbing generation. This recording is made and produced by Chillage People. It is available on the album Solid Water by Chillage People on ITunes.

Space Voice (excerpt) by Chillage People featuring Rupert Chill

You can download Solid Water, the album by the Chillage People, which features Rupert Chill, from itunes, by clicking HERE.

You can download Dr. Whooo by Chillage People, again featuring Rupert Chill, also on itunes, by clicking HERE. This is an ambient mashup of the Dr. Who theme tune.

This track is also by Chillage People. It was recorded live and was the beginning of the gig.

These four tracks are by the Abstract Film Orchestra (AFO). The AFO is Rupert Chill, Micky DIxon, Liz Hanks, Graham McElearney and Peter Rophone. The group improvise new live scores to experimental and abstract films (by Directors such as May Ray, Orson Wells, and Eisenstein), all these tracks were improvised live as you hear them.

Sunarise is by Rupert Chill and Johnny Muir

Sunarise is a reworking of Rolf Harris’ classic tune, which itself is based I believe on an ancient Aborigine tune.

All tracks written and produced by Rupert Chill, except where it says otherwise.


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