Dr Chill live @ Chillout Gardens Boom Festival 2016, Portugal

Dr Chill is performing at the Boom Festival in August 2016, where 30,000 trance fans will converge on a beautiful site in the Portuguese mountains. He is playing a set of largely new material written for the festival, in the Chillout Gardens, a haven of peace in the busyness of the festival. The set will feature 3D sound, but you can hear rough mixes in stereo of the music previewed and streamed from the link below.

Some of the music explores remixes of recordings of reconstructions of ancient archaeological musicals instruments, including Lyre, Aulos, Prehistoric Bone Flute, Lurs and Bagpipes, it is Music Archaeology. It also features sampled reverbs of archaeological sites.

Another group of tracks are the result of work recording Rafiki Jazz, a “World Music” group, and in particular work with Sufi singer Sarah Yaseem. Some of these tracks also feature Kora, Oud, Ney, Duduk and singer Avital Raz. The set finishes with some classic Dr Chill tracks.